The jautomata library can be downloaded in various forms:

  1. as a set of java libraries (ie. JAR files). The simplest way to download theses libraries is to use maven as build system and to add the jautomata repository to the set of repositories used. The following configuration fragment does this, adding the information that the repository handles both releases and snapshots. Current version to use is 2.0-SNAPSHOT.
  1. as a precompiled assembly containing all needed jars plus shell scripts to launch applications. To be available soon !
  2. as a source package. The latest source distribution can be found on the sourceforge project's page. The following section gives some instructions on how to build the library.


JAutomata uses maven 2 as its build system. This means that if you want to build the library from sources, the easiest way is to have maven installed: current version is 2.0.4 and can be downloaded here. By the way, if you are a dedicated Java developer and are not yet using maven, consider adopting it as it is definitely a very useful tool.

Then, follows these steps:

  1. unpack the archived distribution into some directory:
    $> tar xzf ../jautomata-2.0-alpha-1.tar.gz 
  2. build and install the libraries into the local repository
    $> cd jautomata-2.0-alpha-1
    $> mvn install
  3. optionally, build the site and documentation with:
    $> mvn site

If you are not using maven, you are on your own ! Java source files are placed in directories named src/main/java in the various subprojects, JUnit test source files are in src/test/java.